Vaillante 1 LeMans

Vaillante 1 during Le Mans 1939

Valliante 1

Vaillante 1 (sporting a different color) during the Circuit de Remparts

While not much is known about this old timer, the Vaillante 1 is the first car ever produced by the company Vaillante. It is used by Henri Vaillant in his first race, the 24 hours of Le Mans 1939. His teammate was Elisabeth Randson, the aunt of Ruth Randson.

In Challenge on the Remparts, Henri competes with this car in the first race of the day: the Endurance class.

Discrepancies Edit

In a flashback shown in the album Girls & Engines, the car is depicted as blue whereas it is shown as being red in the album Challenge on the Ramparts.


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