Jean-Pierre Vaillant
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Jean-Pierre Vaillant
Occupation Vaillante CEO
Names in other languages
Family Henri Vaillant (father), Elisabeth Vaillant (mother), Michel Vaillant (brother), Agnes Vaillant (spouse), Jean-Michel Vaillant (son), Patrick Vaillant (nephew)
Film Philipe Bas
Debut Album #1, The Great Challenge

Jean-Pierre Vaillant is the oldest son of Henri and Elisabeth Vaillant and brother to Michel Vaillant, who is seven years younger than himself [1]. He currently leads Team Vaillante and is married to Agnes Vaillant (née de Chanzy)[2]. They have a son, Jean-Michel [3].


As oldest son to the Vaillant family, Jean-Pierre knows from a young age already that a lot of responsibility rests on his shoulder. Although a bit more quiet than Michel, he knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go to great lengths to achieve this. His role as Racer X in the 1960 racing season and as the driving force behind the "leaks" during Operation Mirage all but confirm this. He describes these actions as calculated risks, more than once ruffling the feathers of his family. Usually, his wife is privy to this information and plays the game along.


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  2. The Great Challenge
  3. The Daredevils

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